At the heart of my counselling philosophy is the belief that we are in charge of our lives and the direction in which we live them out, yet sometimes we lose our sense of self and direction. Finding our own true sense of self and taking back control and power in order to be able to make our own decisions is crucial to making choices which may bring about change.

Sometimes, we may be starting to discover our sense of self or who we really are and what we want from life, and need support in getting there. We may at times feel confused about our life’s journey and feel held back by it.

My hope is to be able to travel with you on your journey to find your sense of self. It’s possible to find a real sense of self given the right conditions.

Amongst other areas, I have experience of working with the following issues:

  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Low self-confidence
  • Low self-esteem
  • Sexual issues
  • Sexuality
  • Stress

What Will Happen At My First Appointment?

After initial contact is made, the first appointment will involve an assessment which will explore the issues that have brought you to seek a therapist. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

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