Psychosexual Therapy

My area of specific interest is non-medical psychosexual therapy and I am a COSRT accredited psychosexual therapist. I work in a sensitive way with the client to seek to address the underlying issues that can affect sexual functioning and performance, and their impact on individuals and relationships. I work with individuals, couples, triads and all relationship types, and welcome enquiries from couples and others who have non-sexual relationship issues. I also work with polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships.

Psychosexual presenting issues may include erectile difficulties, vaginismus, dysparunia and orgasmic and ejaculatory difficulties. Other issues may include performance anxiety and inhibited or varying sexual desire as well as sexual abuse, sexual identity. 

I have also completed a one-year training in working with issues of sexual compulsivity and control, as well as supporting clients trying to manage their access of porn.

I also have experience of working with clients whose sexual behaviour and practices have brought them into contact with the police and legal processes and I am happy to work with this client group, either pre or post-trial and sentencing. Having completed STOPSO training, I also welcome clients who are worried that their online activities may be becoming out of their control and are worried about consequences.

I am aware of the deeply personal and intimate nature of psychosexual therapy and I work to facilitate an atmosphere and develop a therapeutic relationship where the client is comfortable to discuss these issues.

My experience includes work in the LGBTU community. I am completely accepting of difference and diversity. I work from an affimative position and I am a kink and trans-aware therapist.

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